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Safety - Lockout Tagout Safety - Lockout Tagout


ABUS Lockout Tagout Products

ABUS Lockout Tagout Series

MASTERLOCK Lockout Tagout Safety Series

MASTERLOCK Lockout Tagout Safety Series
ABUS Identi-Shield Labels MasterLock Safety Padlocks
ABUS Identi-shield Lockout Tagout Labels

CLICK HERE to view available Lockout Labels in the Identi-Shield series

  • Keep inventory to a minimum with Identi-Shield Labels
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Strong vinyl pressure-sensitive label
  • Special area for user name and department
  • Two different styles available
  • Some labels available in English, French, or Spanish

MasterLock Lockout Tagout Safety Padlocks

CLICK HERE to view available MasterLock Padlocks in the Safety Series

  • A safety padlock is meant to provide a measure of safety beyond that offered by a tag alone. Used properly in conjunction with a well-planned lockout process, the safety padlock helps ensure that employees will not inadvertently energize a piece of equipment while someone else is working on it.

ABUS Lockout Systems - Hasps MasterLock Lockout Systems - Hasps
ABUS Lockout System Hasps

CLICK HERE to view available hasps in the ABUS Lockout Hasp series

  • The most versatile, economical solution to OSHA regulations
  • Fits any of the padlocks in the Lockout Series

MasterLock Lockout Tagout Hasps

CLICK HERE to view available hasps in the MasterLock Lockout Hasp series

  • Hasps allow more than one employee to lockout the same energy source.
Lockout Systems - 72 Series Padlocks MasterLock Lockout Tagout Stations

ABUS 72 Series Lockout System Padlocks

CLICK HERE to view available locks in the ABUS 72 series

  • Available in KD, KA, or MK
  • Solid aluminum body for corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • 6 bright colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, & Black
  • 6 pin cylinder for maximum key different
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • Accepts American PTC-12 & PTC-14 cylinders

Master Lock Lockout Stations

CLICK HERE to view available lockout stations in the MasterLock Lockout Station series

  • These MasterLock Lockout Stations can departmental lockout needs.
  • Can be purchased empty to be used with your existing lockout equipment or
  • Can be purchased filled with all the different equipment you need for a new lockout tagout system.
Lockout Systems - T84 Series Padlocks  

ABUS T84 Series Lockout System Padlocks

CLICK HERE to view available locks in the T84 series

  • Available in KD or KA
  • Solid brass body and shackle construction
  • Color vinyl sheath for easy identification
  • Heel and toe bolting
  • Paracentric keyway provides protection from picking
Lockout Systems - 41 Series Padlocks  

ABUS 41 Series Lockout Tagout Padlocks

CLICK HERE to view available locks in the 41 series

  • Available in KD, KA, or MK
  • DuraShackle - High tech metal alloy for increased resistance to cutting, prying and rusting
  • Color vinyl bumper for easy identification and added protection
  • Heel and toe bolting
  • Unique keyway drill guard
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